Friday, November 30, 2012

Happy :D

Despite what happened, there are a lot of good things happening :D Hehe, something (or someone) is really making me happy a lot recently. We're definitely not   having the most simplest of relationships(but who wants a boring old relationship without conflict eh? xD) but yeah, I know it'll work out like it always does. >.<

Anyway~ I'm gonna see Wreck-It Ralph tomorrow!!! YAY!!! XD hehe.
*small kid emerges for a while*

Sometimes it feels like i'm rebounding, or maybe i'm moving on too fast, i mean getting over a 3 year relationship in like a few weeks?! That's kinda fast.. I mean it took me forever to get over *ahem ahem* but i think that was mainly cause I couldn't accept the fact and was in the denial phase for a long long long long time. xD But somehow the relationship with Tim, he pretty much made no room for doubt for me, that the relationship was over.

I still feel kinda sad when I think about it, but I know it's over. I thank him for making that clear cause I don't think I can handle anymore unknowns. I don't handle unknowns very well.. (Yeah, Algebra wasn't a walk in the park either..>.>)

I guess the distance away from him made it easier to get over. Only get flashbacks occasionally when I go to places we used to go but they're not very strong I guess.. I guess I still miss him a little but right now I'm really not ready to be friends.

"Does the relationship start or end when the person stops seeing the other through rose colored glasses?"

For real relationships, relationships that last I guess it's the former. 


hehe yeah anyway I'm going out with someone now. He's known as the prothean in university for being a bit inhuman at times xD (:D I'm going out with an alien! Isn't that totally cool?!) He's a bit geeky and weird and heartless at times but that's only on the outside :) hehe. Anyway yeah that's all I'm gonna reveal right now..xP Maybe i'll put in on facebook soon if everything works out :)


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Breaking Up

Well. I can tell you that it isn't one of the most fun thing to do.. (Unless you're some sick psychopath who likes to break people's hearts and put them into jars xD hahhahahaha)

Yeah. As you guys know, Tim just recently broke up with me. (*cue Bob's forever alone song*) Haiz.. It is sad. of course, I mean it was a really long term relationship.. 3 years.. 3 years + and it just ends, just like that.. Like it was nothing.. And now it's just a memory, of the good times, bad times, ups and downs..

Kay. First off I'm sure you would like to know..

Who broke up with who? 

Well, he.. kinda broke up with me.. Yeah. :( (Anything i say now is just a matter of opinion so do not take it as facts as he might be trying to do something else and I just took it wrongly.) Okay, so this is what i got from my point of view.. Not trying to make him sound like the bad guy but yeah.. Here it is..

In my opinion, he broke up with me.. Because, sad to say, he gave up. He gave up trying to fix something that kept breaking even after he keeps trying to fix it. And he was tired, he didn't want this life anymore and thought that both of us can do better.  Which i guess in a way he is right since this Long Distance Relationship was killing us more than it helped us. It wasn't just the distance, the time difference killed it too. We were 8 hours apart from each other.. By the time I'm about to sleep, he only just came on.

"You say good morning,  when it's midnight.. "
-Jet Lag, Simple Plan

Did I love him? 

Well that's a pretty dumb question xD hehe.. Yes of course I did. In a way, I still do I guess.. But I guess it's only just as a friend now.. I hate for what he did to me. I hate him for breaking up with me but somehow, deep down inside.. I knew that he was right.. And it was just a matter of sooner or later..

How did he do it?

Well, sadly he broke up with me on fb chat.. And when he did it I was so stunned cause he had no indication whatsoever then suddenly, bam! he just did it.. At first I thought it was just temporary and that things would go back to normal like it always would but.. he was unwavering about it.. He refused to change his mind.. And it just.. became permanent..

When was the exact date we broke up?
29th Oct 2012. One of the worst days of my life. Actually more like 30th was the worst day since he broke up with me at night.. And I was still in denial until like in the afternoon when i continued to talk with him more about it.That was when yeah.. Red puffy eyes, Red Rudolph Nose, lots of sleeping...>.>

Who did I tell first?
Well, i guess the people who followed me on twitter found out about it first.But I didn't officially announce it til 14/11/2012 which was the last day of my exam. And I told my best friend Aileen the day before 14..>.<

Sup 2012 :P

Wow. I never thought i would open this old thing again and start blogging again ;)

Twitter is nice but it limits my character count to only 140..T.T Which is too little for me to say everything I want to say :D And somehow using more than 1 tweet for the same subject just isn't "fitting".

Anyway, hello y'all to whoever is still reading this little blog of mine :D (Which might be just sad little old me D:)

Well, it been 2 years since i last updated :O and yeah.. ALOT of stuff has been happening in this 2 years.. In 2010, I went to college. Yeah, went to do SAM at Taylor's Subang :) That was a year with lots of ups and downs.. :/ Downs like spending less time with Timmy, going to a new college with no friends whatsoever, putting on weight!!(arghhh!! T.T maybe too much outside food T.T), falling out with a good friend of mine whose name shall not be mentioned xD. Ups like meeting awesome friends like blackie Jairam and retarded Bryan and bullshitter Storyteller Chze Wei, hardworking geeky Kelvin etc :D (Damn. Why are they all guys xD) In college i learnt a lot..

I learnt that:
*Making friends is not longer like in high school or primary school. Everyone mixes with everyone and you can't really count on anyone to be like your loyal best friend anymore.
*Sitting behind with a bunch of noisy people really stops you from focusing in class (But at least you have tons of fun :D)
*People who like twilight are not necessarily female :D (Yes chow chow, i'm talking about you xD)
*Studying hard is not as effective as studying smart
*Drinking a bubble tea instead of eating lunch does not make you thinner. (Sadly T.T)
*People are more proactive in college :) (couples here, couples there.. couples couples everywhere)
*Not everyone who is friendly likes you :P
*A graphic calculator is so AWESOMEEE XD
*Physics is really hard in college.. :/
*Sleeping in classes is really not that hard :P
*Sometimes the only person you can really count on is yourself....