Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bloody... Sucky.. Freakin.. Life.

life sux now..
and all i can do now is play my psp 2 take my mind off it..
can some1 save me from dis misery.........

Friday, October 3, 2008

Games Games and more GAMES!! x)

hahaha yea.. well here are a couple reviews of psp games i hv played.. x) yea yea i know i'm suppose 2 be studying but hey! it's supposede 2 be de honeymoon year rite? hahahaha... jk.

pata-pata-pata-pon.. hahaha dis game is pretty cute.. it's a rhythm kinda game.. u act as their.. "ALMIGHTY" n lead de patapons(de tiny lil characters) thru battle.. as de game goes on u learn more moves n defeat more enemies n bosses.. x) so if u like rhythm.. n u like commanding.. This is de game for u.. xD

-extremely fun 2 play
-u get 2 become a "god"
-different from de usual games
-requires very little space..

-it can be pretty annoying when u can't beat de bosses or enemies..
-u can't pause de game..
-need almost absolute concentration..
-a pretty short game..

Thrillville:Off The Railsa game where u get 2 become a theme park's manager how cool is dat? xD hahaha.. n u'll get promoted as u go along.. xP well yea anyway dis game not only lets u manage a theme park.. but have fun doing it.. x) dis game also features tons of minigames and challenges for u 2 play.. u'll hv 2 bribe de critics.. xP hehe.. and chase away robots dat are NOT suppose 2 be in de park.. x)
-damn fun
-minigames are fun 2 play
-create coasters that can crash n make ppl puke
-shows u de perks of becoming a theme park manager.. xP

-minigames get harder as u play.. xP
-challenges n missions are nt so easy 2 complete..
-gets boring when u reach de last few promotions..

DJ Max Portable International Edition
A music game! x) for all de 02jam lovers out ther who has a PSP.. well this is de game for you! xD hahaha yea.. there is rookie DJing(4 notes), pro DJing(6 notes) and club DJing(8 notes) nth much.. of cos u can chg de speed etc.. n u can play wif u frenz in part 2.. xD

-nice music game
-kinda like a portable 02jam..
-de songs are quite nice..

-can easily get bored after awhile..
-Most of de songs are not nice..
-don rly give u chance 2 practice.. (once u fail a song they'll close n say "u need more practice")
-6 buttons alredi kinda confusing.. xP

kk i'm nt done yet but i'll continue next time.. x) Ciao~

Diner Dashdiner dash.. well if u hv played de pc version dis is just like it.. x) except of cos.. u can't use a mouse.. =) yea.. kinda "mafan".. rather play on pc but at least u hv de full game here.. x) at least de controls are not so bad.. heh..

-hv de full game compared 2 de bloody 1 hr free trial..
-kinda addictive..

-better on PC
-kinda frustrating when u don fulfil their lvl requirements..
-gets boring after de 3rd diner.. (well at least i did.. xP)

Bleach:Heat The Soul 5hmm.. if u've played 1 u've played them all.. lol ok. not exactly.. but de series is all almost de same thing.. i din't get 2 play 1 and 2 but STILL.. lol. no.3 has dam alotta characters..(or was it 4?) but take like 10 years oni can unlock all.. lol ok maybe i am exaggerating and yu ming finished it in like 1 or 2 weeks wif his bro but still.. it's kinda sickening fighting.. u get 2 do bankai.. shikai n some cool moves but will get bored easily in time.. i did.. xP hahahaha..ok k.. in dis game wat's diff is u get 2 play wif de ESPADAs!!! xD hahaha.. n yea.. ther's dis new tag feature which can be a gud thing or bad thing depends whether u know how 2 use.. x)

-a nice 3D arcade based fighting game
-new features (which i alredi mentioned)
-play as espadas..

-gets boring after awhile
-takes a long time 2 unlock all characters..
-de story game is all in japanese..=.=

hmm.. dis game is pretty cool.. x) u can put in songs in ur psp n play it thru dis game.. xD buttons willl fall n u hv 2 press them at de right time.. xD nth much 2 it..

-get 2 play ur own songs
-pretty ez..
-u can pick de lvl ur best at..
-kinda boring..
-de song plays on even if u make a mistake..

Monster Kingdom Jewel Summonerhmm.. dis games pretty cool.. x) it's kinda like pokemon but waaaaayy nicer.. x) so if u like pokemon get dis game.. xP hahaha.. i got attracted 2 dis game becuz of de anime drawings.. x) well anyway dis game rox! altho it can be pretty annoying when u get stuck but dat's a gamefaqs are 4 rite? xP hahaha.. ok dis game instead of pokemon it's monsters.. n u catch them wif prisms instead of pokeballs.. and u fight "abominations" instead of gym leaders.. there are a total of 8 elements.. Light,Dark,Fire,Ice,Wind,Stone,Thunder, and Water..

-drawings are nice.. x)
-graphics are not bad..
-game is nice..
-dungeons are confusing..
-sometimes u rly need luck on ur side xP
-when ur monster dies.. U also die.. =.=

Ratchet And Clank:Size Matters

Well this game is not bad... kinda new 2 me but nt 2 PS2 gamers i think.. dis game is nt bad but DAM annoying at times.. i haven't finish dis yet since now i'm still playing pokemon ruby and jewel summoner.. xP hahaha more next time.. (if i feel like it.. xP)

Other games include..
Flatout Head Oni played abit n got sian de cuz de bloody car so hard 2 control..=.= i know i'm a lousy driver but STILL.. burnout is waaaaayyyy nicer.. x)

This game is pretty sian.. dunno y ppl like.. xP ur suppose 2 jump around and collect stuff.. SIANZZZ...
Cake ManiaWAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better on pc is all i can say..

Valhalla Knights got stuck.. AS USUAL..=.= haven't rly played dis.. will continue when hv de time or bored..

Disgaea Afternoon Of Darkness
some1 recommended dis game 2 me. so i was curious and see how was it like.. it was.. DAM SIAN.. lolx ok fine maybe it was just smth i din like.. it's a tactic/strategy kinda game wher u get 2 control a few characters.. haven't rly played..