Thursday, January 22, 2015

Why it's not "not a big deal"

haha. weird title eh? why didn't I just type.. "Why it is a big deal". That's because that will not illustrate my point for today.

Why it's a big deal when we see our boyfriends look at other girls.

So. If you're a guy reading this, of course you think. OMG.. another crazy ass bitch who's gonna make someone so "lucky".. Well, you're right. I am a crazy ass bitch. And whether or not I will make someone happy in the future for a long term period is still yet to be determined.

So back to the point, why? Why is it such a big deal to us, your girlfriends/wives/significant other? Why is it so hard for us to just.. let it go, ("let it go.. can't hold it back anymore..")  You want to know why?


That's the straight forward truth. No matter how hard we try. We are somehow some way gonna remember back the face or the name of that girl you so love looking at. At least, that's true for me.

If you innocently happen to ask us to change some small thing in our lives, our personality, our habits, what we do or don't do.. We are gonna think of her. Oh, he's asking me to lose weight? Probably because he wants me to be as pretty as her. Oh he's asking me to wear make up? Must be because I'm not as pretty as her. Oh he's asking me to be less selfish? Must be because he wants to be MORE.LIKE.HER.

Now, we are being compared to Supermodels, Actors, Singers, Porn Stars? Do you really think that you have the right to do that? To make us feel like we have to reach that standard when you have no ****ing idea who they really are.. what they're really like.. what the **** they did..

Can't you understand WHY THE **** WE ****ING HATE IT?

Oh, so I guess it's our fault that we think this way. It's our fault that we don't understand men? That men absolutely and totally HAS TO look at pretty girls. Is it? Is that true?  Or is it because nowadays men just have no self control? or rather.. NO SHAME.

Our world has become so shameless now. Everybody doing whatever they want. It's my right what. Not like I hurting anyone also. Let me do whatever I want to do la.. All these excuses, after more and more and people started using it.. made things seem to become.. okay. Just because, everyone is doing it, does not mean it is okay. OKAY?

Now it has become our fault. We are the one with the problem right? Nothing to do with them.

How sad.. is that?