Saturday, April 18, 2009


lol. it's been such a long time since i posted any of my photos so i hv decided 2 post some up as my blog has too many words and no enuf pictures.. xP

dis was waaayyy random.. xD
(most expensive oso..>.<)

Sunset at SMK Taman SEA.
anyway.. nice rite? =)

yea. so don worry so much abt it..xD

Tse Pei's sixth FINGER!!! ARGH!!!!!
(well it looked more real b4 it was held by me..heh)

LOL. now u don hv 2 worry abt remembering a chocolate's name..

these are a few things i found out from american gods..
take a read.. xD

Saturday, April 4, 2009

KP Camp! Day 1

on de 27th day or march.. i went to KP camp.. frankly, reluctantly as i was dam tired.. din get 2 sleep in de afternoon.. (of cos i blame myself for that cuz i decided playing patapon was a better idea than taking a nap.. dam dat game is addictive.. xP)

ok ok anyway camp.. i reached skool like wat? 6pm i think.. i'm guessing i din need 2 be ther so early as they were just setting up the stuff and i heard from germaine that de PPs were 2 come at 7.30.. angela scolded me for coming so early.. xP (yea she tumpang my car..) oh gosh i need some music hold on..seriously it's so hard 2 find nice song nowadays.. most of de new songs seriously... erm... for lack of a better way 2 put it.. SUCK. ok ok.. writing songs may not be ez but STILL..

listening to
"summertime - new kids on the block"

hey dis song's pretty gud.. i heard it on 1 day when coming home from skool.. xD

"I think about you in the summertime
And all the good times we had, baby"

ok sori bac 2 topic.. ok camp.. me and angela walked around here and there and here and there(i'm boring u aren't i? xP) ok anyway after we got registered.. bumped in2 wei soong and len ping who were going for kadet bomba camp(which technically is the same camp as KP as we'll be doing activities together and eating together and sleeping together.. oops did that sound wrong? xP)
listening to
"smooth - rob thomas"

yea ok..bla bla let's fast forward 2 de activites.. ok 1st off is de classic make your own team name and team flag and team cheer thing.. i got sent 2 group lucky no. 7.. (wher they were all guys except me..) xD and angela group 8 same wif wei soong.. and len ping perfect 10.. yea there were a total of 10 groups with an average of 7 per team..
listening to
"wherever you will go - the calling"

Ok my group named ourselves double seven.. becuz
a)we are group no. 7
b)we have seven ppl
lol.yea our flag has a drawing of two faced down pistols to look like two sevens.. xD and somehow ended up with a skull in the middle as well.. lol. the drawing was did by.. chee meng. my group consists of
1.Habib - pretty talkative fella.. came up with the name double seven and the logo as well..(hehe cute name.. xP)
2.Raj - they misspelled his name and his name tag wrote RAY lol. anyway the brains of the group.. came up with our sketch.. and wrote de script.. and a pro actor.. xD
3.Chee Meng - artist.. lol of cos la art student mah.. xD drew our logo as i have mentioned alredi.. went back on 2nd day so we became six instead of seven ppl.. lol.
4.Arasu - quiet fella but pretty enthusiastic actor as well.. small in size.. gud follower.. xD
5.Harith - another quiet fella.. onli chats wif habib the onli other malay fella in our group..very shy..
6.Chian Yong AKA Alvin - tall fella.. shy as well.. but he did pretty well in the sketch.. hahaha..
7.And of cos moi...xD lucky me became de leader..=.= haiz.. lol. i cud say i was de most useless leader.. lol.
listening to
"sometimes - Gabrielle"