Friday, January 29, 2010

updated? o.O

hehe.. havent updated for so long de.. xP
lazy lazy me..
well yea anyway i don tink any1 reads dis blog anymore..>.>
it's 2pm and i'm blogging on a thursday night..
i've alweiz like thursdays.. somehow or another.. bad things usually don happen on thursdays..
i noe i noe.. it's like a half-empty kinda way of looking at things rite?
lol my just polished nails r rly distracting..=.= LOL.

yea anyway.. just felt like blogging.. ohyea..
HON hahaha i wanted 2 play it but.. now got no time de.. lol
only been stuck to dragon age these few days since i onli have nights to play..
yea.. i've been working at my dad's place but saturday's my last day ther..>.<
gonna miss sopiah and peng.. xP
at least i'm not gonna put on weight anymore..
seriously wei dat job alotta free time..>.<
so free dat time go cari makan la..
ohh!! but SHH.. don tell my pap.. xDD

i'm talking crap.. yet i can still go on n on..
wish i cud do dis when i'm chatting wif ppl..=.=
work 1 month at my dad's shop oso still nt used 2 communicating with strangers..=.="
haiz.. need 2 work on my PEOPLE skills..ARGHH!!

anyway.. de point.. wat is de point of this post..
i dunno really..
i wanted 2 talk abt 1st love..
but that doesn't rly seem appropriate......

yea i had a bad experience with my 1st love..
or wat i THINK was my 1st love lol..
de 1st 1 is alweiz de hardest 2 let go huh?
yea.. sopiah was just telling me abt her past lovers the other day when peng wasn't arnd..
heh.. seriously nice story wei.. hahaha can make into like a series.. xDD
hehe.. ohh right the point.. hahaha drift drift drift..
wonder if i can stay up til 2ml morning just typing here on the com..
but my back kinda hurts.. n i need my beauty sleep 4 when timmy comes 2ml..
OHH.. it's 2ml alredi LOL..

rambling on n on..
yea.. my 1st love was the 1st 1 to say love you or i love you 2 me (coming from a guy dat is)
heh.. i noe.. i fall for the corniest/cheeseist guys..
OMG i just realized i do..=.=

i dunno wat happen between us..
i just wish i cud turn back time n fix things..
everyone after him all seemed so.. worthless..
EXCEPT TIMMY that is.. xDD
hehe i'm so glad i met him.. seriously..
he's so nice 2 me.. sometimes i tink he's too nice 4 his own gud..=.= lol
he does everything which is best 4 me altho sometimes i don understand.. LOL
he's like a guardian angel... he takes care of me all da time..
but seriously he doesn't look after himself yeesh..=.=
guess that's wat i'm here for huh? xD

haiz.. lol. pffsht.. de point.. wat was de point again? lol
ohhyea.. i've been THE DA VINCI CODE..
bunch of lies really..=.= rly got me going for a while..=.= haiz
wat a lousy christian am i.. yeesh