Saturday, October 3, 2009

Some NICE songs

yes yes.. i'm on a roll.. this is my 4th post 2day i think.. xDD lol yea anyway.. i happened 2 chance upon a few nice songs so i guess i'll post it up.. xD

Marie Digby - Avalanche

Down - Jay Sean ft L'il Wayne


a few games u guys shud rly try out.. if u meet the min spec for it lar.. xDD hehe

hehe.. random i noe.. LOL

timmy <3

i'm alweiz worrying about whether i'm gud enuf 4 him..

alweiz thinking about whether i'm the right 1 for him..

Really think i don't deserve him sometimes.. xP

is dat a bad thing? xDD

pyramid trip.. =) awesome day

hehe.. went pyramid during the hols.. xD and loads of fun.. arrived ther at 10+ (or was it 9?) cuz tse pei woke up late.. xD when we reach ther we were kinda blur cuz all of us (tse pei, me and est) din go skating since a long long time ago.. xP when we finally found the skating rink not many ppl were there.. only de smart ppl (like us) who came early and the pros who were having their lessons ther.. xD

after picking up our skates i saw the person i'd least expect.. TIM!!! hehe.. smart fella go ditch his frens to come ice skating wif me.. smart fella even told everyone on facebook and i had no idea.. lol. xD i was dam happy (of cos) but more surprised.. xD hehe.. he struggled abit..(so did i) but got the hang of it after a while..babe din fall down even OnCE.. (pro-nia) lol.

after skating we went 2 catch a movie..the line was like FREAKING snake nia.. xD hahaha.. in the end we watched G-force!! xD nice movie altho de others din rly think so..>.< haiz lol. xD after movie went to arcade.. played a round of daytona and some arcade game which i hv no idea wat 2 call it.. xD lol. ohyea and hse of dead.. OMG i was so freakin noob.. lost in like wat? 5 or so mins? >.< cacated.

after the arcade we went archery.. i din play as i alredi had spent like 40+ dat watched and laughed at the gang as they missed.. xD hehe lol. soon after finishing the arrows esther had 2 leave for home:( so it was just me, Tim and tse pei..

poor tp.. she felt like a lamp post when she was wif us..>.< lol. we had fun trying out clothes and stuff and Tim even managed 2 find smth he liked.. xDD b4 leavin 4 home.. we stopped by coffee bean and i tried my 1st RM10+ coffee..xD (lol. i still think it's nt worth the cash lol. xP)

tse pei fetched me back 2 her hse and i walked home back with Tim..=)

i love him so much.. he's the best thing ever happened to me.. =)

some photos from dat day:

esther. waaa.. so pro. xDD


tse pei shoot so fast i din manage 2 take a pic wif her holding the arrow in the bow lol.. xD

Tim picked dis out for me.. Nice rite? xDD

Yesterday.. xD October 2nd

yesterday was an... INTERESTING day.. xDD hehe.. ohyea and it was KAY JUN'S BIRTHDAY!!!


  I'm so sori i almost 4got.. xP you looked pretty bad yesterday.. hope ur ok.. =) noe i'll alweiz be here 4 u.. x)

well anyway back to wat happened yesterday..

in the morning.. went to skool.. and rememberd i wasn't done with the stupid testomonial and crap and saw that i 4got to check my birth cert. no. wtf? 

Haiz so went down 2 call my mom. Stupid cacated colorful phone ate up all my coins and i barely called for a minute. zzz i think i deposited like 40 cents inside.. 

=.= well yea.. just when i used up my last coin.. and the dam thing was blinking "tambah duit" or smth liddat i cant recall.. n i was like oh shit no more coins QUICK MOM!! (she was finding my birth cert 2 check the no. n had me on hold) 

Few seconds b4 de phone hung up on me.. some1 came behind me and deposited 20 cents inside then ran off. I was surprised but more worried abt the phone and din rly think of turning around 2 c who was that..I dunno why but i tot the fella wanted 2 use the phone as well or smth..=.=

When i was done with the call.. I turned around and tried looking for the person who helped me out.. Couldn't see anyone who i tot it cud be.. so i went back upstairs 2 finish my form.

Later in the day went 2 canteen for recess and stole a sausage from Jega. xD Zzz everyone gave me hard time about it.. IF you know wat i mean.. kept calling it the long thing.. and asked me how it tasted like and wat i tot about when i was eating it..>.< 
LOL. i managed to down it without thinking too much.. xP 

Few mins b4 the bell rang, stupid Jega go spray me wif her water bottle for FUN. then we were talking crap.. (AS USUAL) and her bottle was somehow aimed at my breast ther den steph go squeeze the trigger..=.= gosh.. at least everyone got a gud laugh about dat.. xDD  peter asked me whether i "lactating" and dat i needed 2 control my hormones.. LOL. xP

Class was sian.. got back our moral marks.. i pathetically passed.. with a 41%. =.= zzz teacher like dam stingy wif marks haiz.. and bio teacher was nice enuf to give us all extra 1 MARK!! XDD at least nw i get A2.. x) timmy was looking tired and abit down.. =( din noe wat 2 do.. don like seeing him so sad.. but seems he was ok l8er..

After skool i went out wif Tim, hehe.. we had a small adventure.. xDD we (or rather I) decided we shud go somewher we weren't familiar with.. (me and my bright ideas..xD) 

hehe so we walked towards the Kelana Jaya side and walked and walked.. til.. we got LOST. 

hahahaha how nice.. well at least i got lost with my most favourite person in this world.. x) lol. when we realized we were lost.. we did the only thing we could do.. ASK FOR DIRECTIONS! xD

lol. and de smart ass ice cream man gave us wrong directions..=.= gah. cacated.. so we walked and walked.. and ended up even more lost than we were.. 

well at least we found a 7 eleven 2 ask for directions from.. the fella was blur and a lil bz wif de customers so we decided 2 consult those a so-called map like thingy.. xD 

we decided 2 take a risk and continued walking in the direction Tim tot was rite.. xDD hahaha. we reached some kinda bank place and AGAIN.. asked for directions.. xD fella said de nearest LRT station was dam far so we walked to a nearest bus station to wait for a taxi..

Tim was abit worried we wudn't reached skool in time. But we did.. AND EARLY. while waiting for taxi i was holding him tight and praying to God that we'd reach skool in time.. just when i said AMEN. we saw a taxi nearing.. xD hehe zha dou.. 

At skool, we went up to the library to for the air cond.. xD and found angela, wee liam xian yao, nic leong and nic chin. xD all studying over ther.. xD doing maths 2 be precise.. chatted wif them b4 returning home.. At home, after eating lunch me n Tim met up again.. xD

Hung out at the park nearby my hse and just sat on one of the benches doing nth and just enjoying the view and occasionally exchanging words and glances.. x) Had his 1st kiss b4 returning home.. x) lol. not sure whether he enjoyed it.. xDD hehe lolx. well it was a nice ending anyway.. =)