Monday, December 31, 2007

A new year..

Everyone says.. a new year a new beginning..i believed dat.. last year.. n yea.. it was a new beginning.. a bad one(2 me lar) unfortunately..i went 2 one of de express class.. lol.. i din really like it ther.. dint feel like a really fit in.. i missed all of my frenz.. even grew distant wif some of 'em.. sadly.. i suck at keepin friendships.. lolx anyway.. sadly i think i might be separated from them again dis year.. haiz.. i dunno whether God is telling me 2 make more frenz dat are in express class or.. is he tryin' 2 test my friendship..hmm.. haha.. i guess i gotta c..hmm. a new year.. passed so fast.. de hols oso!!! T.T o well..lolx.. ok..well de new year's comin..i really really hope it's gonna be better... XD ahaha... ok i guess dat's it..

Tagged (New Year Resolution)

Write out 10 dreams/achievement you want to make it come true for you next year.

1.To be good in all my subjects
2.And enjoy and have fun at de same time
3.have study group every week(wei soong's idea) way more outgoing den now..
5.finish at least one game on my psp?
6.Get at least a bleach keychain or smth..
7.Keep my freindship wif all of my buddiez..
8.Be good at at least ONE instrument
9.Be less selfish..
10. and last but not least..Find a good and true boyfriend

Thursday, December 27, 2007

My school day anime review..

lolx school days was really nice at 1st.. den it started getting annoying when makoto started having sex wif almost evry1!!! den of cos came de horror... lolx i heard from alotta ppl dat it wasn't gonna be a happy ending but de ending still shocked me.. lol... when i 1st started watching i was curious 2 find out de ending.. i 1st tot katsura was gonna kill be killing makoto.. but i was wrong ther.. n i tot ther was onli gonna be one murderer n not 2... lolx.. yea.. i watched it at nite..(baka me) so i had a wee lil trouble sleeping lolx.. at least it took my mind off the exam results coming out de nex day.. i tot sekai was de mean one.. i mean if she din't make makoto practice wif her.. n if she din't chg place wif setsuna.. none of dis wud hv happened but den it wud be boring den wudn't it? XD haha.. anyway i'm just expressing my tots.. n... sekai din hv 2 kill him!!! i mean he is just a guy... ok maybe it's de guy she gave her flower too but still?? n y de heck was she so dumb go 2 de rooftop when she knows dat it's just digging her own funeral.. well yea.. dat's it i guess... lol

Best day of de year so far...?

haha.. yeap.. 2day is officially one of de best days of my life.. XD haha.. when i 1st woke up..i 4got wat i tot abt but it definitely wasn't abt today's pmr results.. XP lol.. erm.. i chged into a shirt and jeans.. was getting ready when angela nsged n say dat those ppl wearing outside clothes couldn't come in2 de skool.. so i chged in2 my baju kurung.. i waited 4 my dad.. called him n he told me he's comin in 10 mins.. he fetched me n we were on our way 2 skool.. haha he nearly turned in at de turning 2 puay chai ... LOL.. haha ok well after dat i reached skool n saw germaine.. den audrey.. den jega..den aileen den angela..ok.. den we walked bac n forth here n ther den they finally call us 2 de canteen.. so we all rushed there n were waiting both excitedly and nervously 4 our results.. i was scared yet curious 2 know my results.. every1 crowded around their class teachers waiting 2 get their cert. i was a lil nervous so waited a lil while b4 going in front 2 ask 4 it.. i saw mostly happy faces.. Happy dat they got the results they wanted.. but a lil l8er.. i saw many sad faces as well.. When i had de guts 2 ask teacher 4 my cert.. i was suprised dat it was all As.. XD lol.. i checked it.. den re-checked it again.. i tot my eyes were playing tricks on me.. or dat i had somebody else's results.. lolx.. in de end i guess not.. lol.. phew.. u know.. i realized dat de most popular faces among all of 'em were SHOCK.. shocked dat they got better den they expected.. shocked dat they got less than wat they expected.. shocked dat.. their frenz got better than them.. haha.. yea i guess.. hmm.. after dat i went 2 mcds wif angela n aud.. den 2 cc.. watched de guys play some dota den played some gb wif them.. haha.. went home after dat..i saw my sis.. she looked kinda sad dat i left her home alone.. well sorta.. haha den i took a bath den eat dinner den.. here i am! XD haha ok.. i better get of now..

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tagged (Again again and again)

1. Do this tag and answer all the questions in your own blog.
2. Delete question no.20 and add one of your own question instead.
3. Tag 8 victims to do this tag.


1. What is your dream when you were a small kid?
I dreamed that i would be a firewoman... XP

2. What is the happiest thing in your whole life?
That day i met my special some1..

3. What do you wish to have right now?
to have de special some1 love me the way i wan him 2? lolx

4. When is the last time you horse laughed?
i 4got.. but i think recently when i was hanging out with my sis

5. What did you realize recently?
That pmr results were comin out

6. Which bad habit in you that is the most unacceptable?
Giving up easily in almost everything

7. When you are unhappy, what will you do?
Cry and listen 2 my mp3 player

8. What are you afraid of losing?
Currently.. my psp.. XD

9. Within 5 years, which target is the most realistic one?
Getting good SPM results and getting in a good uni.. and finding a good bf

10. When you met someone that you like, will you profess or hide your feeling?
Depends whether i know de person well n depends whether i hv hope dat he likes me back too.

11. List out 3 kind of people you hate the most.
(ii)ppl who act just 2 make frenz/get de guy they like
(iii)ppl who backstab

12. Define loneliness.
When u have no fren,no music,no entertainment,and no family and no God.

13. Are you satisfied with your life now?
50% lar..

14. When is the most recent time you felt touched?
When i watched one of my anime..

15. Where is the most beautiful place that you've visited?
My home after a really bad trip..

16. A song that is playing in your mind recently?
Papercut - linkin park and Almost - bowling for soup.

17. If you have a wish to come true, what is it?
2 hv dat special some1 be my special some1.. lolx

18. Do you have anything to be worried or scared recently?
erm... it's suppose 2 be pmr results but nt really..

19. If the world is going to end, what will you do?
I'll tell that special some1 dat i really love him eventho he might not love me back

20.My fav anime character?
Bleach's Captain hitsugaya toushiro.. XP

any1 who wants 2 do dis..

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bleach movie 2 : the diamond dust rebellion..

Bleach movie 2 : the diamond dust rebellion..
i just only realized 2day dat it was coming out in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NOOOOO........................ i tot de one wif subs is gonna come out so i cud dl it 2day!!! T.T
n dis movie is starring my one n only fav character in bleach...~
i tot de one wif subs is gonna come out so i cud dl it 2day!!! T.T
haiz.. i guess i'll hv 2 wait 4 another.... 6 MONTHS!!!! b4 it's released 2 dl in da websites.. haiz...
oh well it's just he trailer 4 now.........................................................

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Bleach heat the soul 3

wow de vid with all de characters looks so cool i just gotta put it here! Can't wait 2 get the game!!!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The law of never being satisfied... XD

hahaha.. sori 4got if ther eva was name 4 it... XD lolx. like murphy's law.. de law of alweiz being in de wrong time n place or smth liddat.. hey.. hv u eva realized dat u r nvr satisfied? like when u wan smth... u don usually geddit straight away unless u're like some rich fella.. lolx erm.. yea.. n even when u eventually get wat u want.. u'd no longer be as excited as b4.. hahah.. i alweiz kena liddat.. especially during bday.. hahah when i ask my dad 4 smth.. i usually geddit if it's at a reasonable price.. or within da budget.. at my next bday... swt rite? like 4 example de year b4 last year's bday.. i asked my dad 4 a phone.. but he said smth abt onli when i'm 15 onli can get.. so i got... an mp3 player i think.. wait no.. dat's was Xmas erm... i got...... a tape player/recorder.. lolx yea.. i know.. so ancient rite? but i was kinda into like dis pretending 2 be a reporter thing dat i learnt from a fren of mine named nic.. well yea anyway.. so i got dat instead.. i was pretty cuz it was smth i has wanted b4 de hp thingy.. XD n den.. last year i got a hp... eventho i wasn't 15 yet... XD haha.. well yea.. dat year i wanted a psp i think.. haha.. n guess wat i got dis year? no... nt a psp.. i got another mp3 player since my old one is cacated de so yea i needd 1.. come 2 think abt i shoulda gotten mp4 player... i wanted de sony one.. da new walkman mp4 player but i got a philips one instead.. it's nt bad.. quite "yeng" looking.. yea anyway i got a psp l8er.. XP haha.. my dad said smth abt a Xmas pressie+early pmr present.. lolx.. yea.. ok k.. bac 2 da point haha.. i heard dis song smth else (i think) from good charlotte.. n i guess it inspired me 2 write dis song...
I want this
i want that
does the wanting never stop?

I want this
I want that
Oh please daddy just one more

I want this
I want that
Can't we be satisfied no more?
And be content with what we have n live a life just like dat..

haha i onli wrote as far as da chorus.. i wanted 2 write a rap.. but.. my inspiration hit was gone.. haiz.. o wel.. XD

Thursday, December 13, 2007

yu ming's song/lyrics tag

Find Your Voice

By: Chip Skylark (Chris Kirkpatrick)
When no one will listen
To what you wanna say
You're too small, too young, you haven't begun
To learn the games that they play

Don't sit around just wish
For it to be a better day
Speak up, be heard, if you don't say a word
Everything will stay the same way

If you wanna change the way your life's arranged
Then you have that choice
To be the star that you know you are
Be loud, be proud, and rejoice

And find your voice
Just find your voice
You know you got that choice
Now go find your voice

You see a girl
That you know you wanna meet
Come on stop messing around
Get up off your seat

She might see inside of you
The boy you never knew
He was in there all the time
Now just let him through

If you wanna change the way your life's arranged
(Want that change)
Then you have that choice
(You have that choice)
To be the star that you know you are
(Be a star)
Be loud, be proud, and rejoice

Do find your voice
(Find your voice)
Just find your voice
(Find your voice)
You know you got that choice
(Got that choice)
Now go find your voice
(Find your voice)

You have that choice
Be a star
Where could it be now?

Find your voice
(Find your voice)
Just find your voice
(Find your voice)
(Anybody seen it)
Got that choice
(Got that choice)
(Gotta find your voice now)
Now find your voice
(Come on and find your voice)

Find your voice
(Find your voice)
Just find your voice
Got that choice
(Got that choice)
(Gotta find your voice now)
Find your voice
(Your voice)

FYI:if u wanna hear da song it's at right side of my blog...>.>

Kingdom hearts 4 psp ?

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i so cnt wait 4 de KH's psp game!!!!! T.T i'm nt ven sure whether it's rly comin out yet!!!! haiz... well i'll enjoy my gta vice city stories
n nfs most wanted
4 now.. u know da nfs gt no free roam... T.T so sad lar...

waititng 4 kingdom hearts.......

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tag Along: Facts About Me

Lolx. i got dis tag from mr. mingz.. so yea.. haha.. n it's MICHELLE btw... XD

Here are the rule of this tag. NOTE: Each blogger must post these rules.

1. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged and to read your blog.

ok... 1st off.. i'm........ LAZY
lolx..sometimes i wonder how i can actually do pretty well in my studies... XD lolx.. i guess it's thx 2 God.. haha.. n i onli do stuf dat i rly want... other den dat.. i either simply do.. or don do at all.. heh.. or "4get" XD

2nd...i hv only rly fallen in love 3 times..
erm.. if love is wat i think it is..heh.
haha of cos i cnt tell u who... i MAY tell u if u come ask me personally bit i might NOT as well..

3rd My fav cartoon on TV is.... Foster's home 4 imaginary frenz.. XD
lolx.. hey.. it's funny wat... n i'm still a id anyway.. haha i'm just as crazy abt it as my sis... lolx. my fav character is BLOO.. lolx dat fella is so dam funny...

4th i love staying up at nite..
lolx... erm onli when i don hv 2 wake up early da next day... XD play my psp n watch movie until past midnite n sometimes hv a lil snack as well... XP

5th i'm abit of a... loner
yeap... sadly.. i dnt mix as well as i hope i wud.. n i'm nt as outgoing as i tot i was... heh

6th I'm a really bad driver
heh.. at least in racing games i am.. heh.. i simply crash in every corner... but i'm getting better den b4.. n instead of turning de controller i actuallyturn de car in da game.. hahaha... XD

7th i'm a Geek...
lolx yeap.. i simply love... 2 just look or admire all da nice gadgets in places like digital mall.. XD lolx..n i'm hoping 4 a new com... lol

n last.... but not least... i've alweiz really really REALLY wanted a big bro.. XD
haha yeap.. i dunno y... lolx.. most of my real gud renz hv been guys.. haha.. i oso dunno y.. lolx.. maybe cuz ppl alweiz wan wat they don hv? lolx...

haha ok.. 8 ppl? erm.. nt dat sure who.. lolx.. kk i do my best lar..
1.sijun lol
5-8. any1 else who hv blogs.. XD

Sunday, December 2, 2007

My split personalities... XD

lolx i've been reading dis book abt dis gurlwas having a love life crisis n when she fixed her so called "fengshui" her love life took a turn in de opposite direction.. XD lol.. n instead of onli 1 guy.. she has TWO guys chasing after her! LOL! yea anyway in one part of the story she went 2 dis book discussion wher ppl discuss n ask questions 2 de author of the book... haha.. dis author wrote abt a person dat has multiple split personalities..lolx.. i hv a few too.. but ther are 2 dominating ones so i'll just talk abt dat...

L'il Mikki

has an outgoing personality

is a really shy person

loves attention from every1

likes attention but nt willing 2 b a fool 2 geddit

h8s being a girl

loves shopping n other girly stuff

loves outdoor activities like jungle trekking

prefers indoor activities like reading..

h8 talkin,prefers action

likes chatting n just hanging out

very childish doesn't give a shit abt anything

more mature and sensitive is caring n more compassionate

dominates most of de time dat's y am labeled as tomboy

dominates when is alone or is sad

was created when michie was too vulnerable 2 take care of herself

is de actual real me..

is my cover,most ppl think dis is me

onli some of my gud frenz know..
thinks guys r a waste of time

loves 2 crush on guys n talk abt 'em..

kinda negative sometimes

positive most of de times

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lolx.. My life.. So far.................XD

hmm.. seems like i nvr talk abt my life huh? ok.. i get i'll start now.. lolx.. hmm.. since pmr was over it's been pretty boring.. cuz it feels like my life has no goal/aim anymore.. it's like i hv nothin i can really focuz on n do my best in.. lol. ok.. yea anyway after pmr.. went 2 makan.. at kayu lo.. den after went 2 1u 2 celebrate wif my "gurlfrenz" haha.. but i kinda regret dat now..
i shuda just wen went 2 da cc.. n play some dota 2 celebrate.. haha..speaking of dat.. it seems like it's been a very long time since da last time i went 2 "da gei" haha.. AKA cc! XD yea well anyway.. i've been goin out on n of wheneva my mom let's.. ohya dat's reminds me.. I just went n watch enchanted yesterday!haha it not bad... haha i liked de lil chipmunk named pip haha.. really cute. but de story was kinda like snow white.. minus de 7 dwarfs haha.. yea.. i enjoyed it pretty much.. XD hmm.. oh yea! i just got my psp! i think it's Xmas plus PMR present haha eventho pmr reults hvn't come out yet.. i'm kinda scared.. i'm hoping 2 go 2 pure sci.. haha.. wat else.. hmm.. my hols has been pretty fun.. at lest i get 2 hang out wif my buddy nic every tues n fri... lolx.. nice fella.. hmm.. i'v been wondering abt smth l8ly.. lolx i sometimes wonder whether i am really human.. i mean it's like i nvr REALLy get enthusiastic abt anything.. or hv passion 4 rly anything.. smth.. i feel like a computer.. no life.. no seems kinda sad u know.. haha.. u know.. i really feel like becoming a singer/songwriter in de future.. but i.. don know whether i hv de talent.. heh.. i feel like i do but somehow.. ther alweiz doubt.... hmm.. speakin of being double-minded.. maybe i'll talk abt me n my alter ego in my nex post haha.. c 1st lar.. XD well dat's it 4 now.. cnt really think o f anythin else ....