Thursday, March 27, 2014

it's been awhile..

Greetings to the people who still read my blog. *cricket noises* *tumbleweed rolling by*

Hahahha it's okay if no one really reads my blog nowadays, I just felt like I should start blogging again. (You know how you always feels like blogging again when you look at other people's blogs? XD)

So what's up with life? Hmm.. nothing much, I've been working at a shop in digital mall called Thunder Match after I finished my studies in Monash. I decided I needed a break before I got in to a real job and maybe hopefully learn something there :)

So now, life is very different from what it used to be. I hang out with different people, even at night I don't even play LoL anymore, I play HoN now, a game where I used to be against.. :P (forgive my hypocrisy)

But besides that, I've met a lot of people that I did not mention in this blog.. some of which are really awesome people :) a few are like my best friends now or closest friends la since I can't technically have more than one "best" friends😜

I don't know where to start really.. Should I start from the stuff that is happening lately and right now? Or should I start from where I last left off? Hahahha.. anyway, I have to get ready for work now. If I feel like it maybe I'll post something at work 😃

That's all folks. *insert Warner brother's song with porky pig* (Kinda feels like I didn't really write anything even though I wrote so much hahahha)