Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me.. Don't Hurt Me, No More..

Wow. I just found this post in like my drafts. And at first it was something I wrote but then after reading it for like the second time.. I realized that it was something my ex, Timothy wrote. I can't remember why I have it though... But this is pretty interesting xD

**********************************Start of Timothy's Post**********************************

I am a lil annoyed wif sum1's blog post...

Love to some resemble fireworks~ o.O hmmm... kinda true~ but maybe they were referring to the orgasm part in making love =D ya, dat seems mor accurate xP oh wellz~ let's see... what is love o.O "a deep passion and affection?" hmm... wat does dat mean O.O;;

okay, i'll be a kind soul and tell u d answer, so that i may ease dat antagonising pain of your pitiful soul which seems to be badly broken that even superglue wont help =D xDDDD

Love is not a feeling, it's not fireworks~, it's not really heaven~, it's not a chemical reaction, it's not something easy to comprehend, it's not a game (definitely!), it's not something you learn from books, love is not an action~

Ya so~ now dat we noe wat it ISN'T, we can now proceed to wat it actually is =D (tis d exciting part xD)

Well... Love is.... love is..... its.... (omg! *gasp* *faint* and wtv nonsense ur gonna do~) its...... (drumroll pls~) (the suspense is killin ya aint it xP)..............................................

The definition of love is love is what we have =D it makes life worth living~ it's an adventure of the soul, it's something beautiful because there is nothing like it, and most importantly... it is God's greatest gift to us x) love does not stop, it never does, only the attraction does, but love... it goes on... and that is why, some people find it harder to fall in love with someone, it's cause they haven't read this...

Hey, you know I love you right,
You know how sometimes I'm shy?
Yea this was just one of those times,
So forgive me, my love,
Next time I'll heed the signs~

**********************************End of Timothy's Post**********************************

This makes me miss him a little hahaha.. But not in a way that I still wanna be with him. I always liked his writing. xD